SOP LARP (Simple, One-Page Live Action Role Play)
First Edition, Revised

SOP Golden Rule

The rulings of the Game Moderator takes precedence over any of these rules.

SOP Character Creation

Normal humans have 5 points to divide between the four attributes. A value of 0 is below average, 1 is average, and anything above 1 is above-average to a greater or lesser degree. 5 is the maximum for a human in any attribute - this represents near-legendary ability. The attributes are:

SOP Action Resolution

Whenever you're attempting to do something to another player, each of you states what you are doing and each person draws a card. An ace is worth 1, a face card is worth 11, a Joker is worth 13, and all other cards are worth their face value. Add the appropriate attribute (as agreed upon by both players) to the value drawn - higher total wins, and what they describe as happening happens. In case of tie, the person with the highest Endurance wins - otherwise, draw again. For example. Joey says to Sal, "I'm punching you." Sal says to Joey, "I'm hitting you back." That's Strength in both cases. They draw cards and add Strength - highest total hits the other one. If Sal had said, "I poke you with my knife", she'd have added Warfare instead of Strength, while Joey would still add Strength. If it is unclear which attribute to use, the player gets to pick. If there is a rules argument and no GM present to adjudicate, flip a coin to settle the issue for now and keep playing; ask the GM about it later. Chronic rules lawyers will be ejected from the game.

SOP Damage and Healing

Most weapons (including fists) do one point of damage - swords and most firearms do two. If the players involved in a combat can agree a weapon does more or less damage, fine. Damage is first taken to one's Strength, then to one's Endurance. Once one's Endurance has been reduced by any amount, the player must roleplay being wounded and subtract one (and no more than one) from all card draws. When one is at zero Strength and Endurance one is unconscious and at the mercy of one's opponent. Damage heals every 24 hours, at a rate determined by one's maximum Endurance.

Healing rates are doubled if one rests all day, tripled in a hospital.

Max Endurance
Points Healed per Day
 (one every two days)

SOP Strangeness

If you have some strange power, such as the ability to turn invisible, you will have a GM-issued index card that you can show to other players when you use your power, explaining how it works. Powers outlined on a red index card take precedence over those on a white index card.

SOP Credits

Copyright 1996 by Kirt A. Dankmyer. This document may be freely distributed so long as all text, including this statement and the table above, remain intact and unchanged. Credit is due to the Interactive Literature Foundation (from which I got my card-drawing mechanic, though Mike Pondsmith's Castle Falkenstein deserves a nod) and Erick Wujcik's Amber Diceless Role-Playing where I got the idea for the attributes I used.